Developer Services

Daniel Winkler and Associates was founded to provide high quality, relationship oriented real estate sales and marketing services to developers and purchasers of real property. With over 40 years of experience selling real estate for developers in Northern California, Daniel Winkler and Associates has a unique understanding about the challenges developers face working to maximize profit, minimize carrying expenses and develop effective campaigns in order to sell their homes.

To strengthen this commitment and to bring the best available knowledge to bear, Daniel Winkler and Associates has built a strong team with extensive real estate experience. Managing Director Steven S. Kelley, William J. Rosetti, and Harvey O. Rich have over 80 years of real estate development and marketing experience, which gives the firm a strong advantage in the field of subdivision marketing. Their long history of real estate development in the Bay Area provides extensive knowledge and experience in managing the entire development process to all of our clients.

Steven S. Kelley has been active in managing, selling and marketing developer projects since 1979, and has been responsible for closing 1,500 condominium units. William J. Rosetti has been involved in real estate development and syndications since 1970. Harvey O. Rich has been active in real estate development and marketing since 1979. Daniel M. Winkler has been managing and selling real estate for developers since 1990, and has closed 600 condominium and single family homes.

Our team has worked together successfully on many projects. Mr. Kelley and Mr. Winkler have worked for ten years together as an on-site subdivision marketing team. As a long-standing partnership team, Mr. Kelley and Mr. Winkler have first-hand experience through all types of real estate markets, with a primary focus on condominium sales. In each project we have exceeded our clients' best profit expectations while minimizing their liability by creating a satisfied group of homeowners. We have worked with a variety of development companies and have been successful in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Working together for such a long period of time provides a history of experience that is a significant advantage to clients that employ our firm. Because Mr. Kelley and Mr. Winkler have worked together, they bring their experience and expertise on site, supplementing this with Mr. Rosetti and Mr. Rich's development experience, Daniel Winkler and Associates brings significant and valuable experience to the daily process of marketing a project.



  • Staff the project with principals of the firm. Work on-site to sell homes for the developer
  • Experienced, dedicated, full-time subdivision sales agents, on site, dedicated to your project from day one.
  • Be available to meet weekly or as often as the client selects to review project development and marketing plan.
  • Take every opportunity to maximize profit due to our extensive experience in increasing sales prices in response to successful market results.
  • Provide market research and interpretation to determine optimum pricing strategy and market demand.
  • Manage the sales and advise in the pricing process to help the developer to maximize profit potential.
  • Critical and careful management of buyer/developer relationships and problem resolution with a proprietary concern for the developer.
  • Model home consulting, including design and merchandising.
  • Meet pre-sale requirements through our contacts in the lending industry; secure take-out financing to meet pre-sale requirements for your buyers through our lenders.
  • Use our excellent reputation with the local brokerage community to help establish the project's credibility, which will increase your absorption rate because we are known in the industry for making the broker's job "easier."
  • Excellent record of accomplishments with Homeowners' Associations demonstrates our strength in assisting the developer in the transition from developer control to homeowner control of the Association.
  • Assist the developer to create and manage media and advertising programs.
  • Provide extensive knowledge and understanding of lender underwriting guidelines to qualify potential buyers and get take-out financing. All on-site agents will know how to qualify any prospective purchasers.
  • Set-up, organize and operate the on-site sales office.
  • Provide local area experience, reputation, and knowledge to optimize success and profitability opportunities.

Extensive references available on request.